March 24, 2012

Spring Leaf Hat for Penny

20120323 penny 2
Spring has sprung!

It's so nice to see and feel Spring in the air. I took Penny outside to our backyard for a few photos after knitting her a new hat. I followed my own pattern to a tee so be sure everything is correct, so hopefully your hats will look just (or almost) like this when you're done. :)

20120323 penny 3

It looks much more lush and jungle-like to Penny, but this is really just about two to three-feet high of growth. I love all the greenery in our backyard! We're still slowly moving things and cleaning up inside the house, but now that the weather is better and the days are longer, I should start working on the backyard too. I can't wait to spend more time outside!

20120323 penny 4

Happy Spring, everyone.

March 17, 2012

Pattern: Emma's Hat

20061014 emma 2

Emma thinks you should go download our latest pattern and knit a hat (or two, or more!) for your Blythe girls!

I’ve been knitting this basic hat for Blythe dolls since 2006, and finally decided to write it down and share it. This hat pattern for Blythe uses DK weight yarn that’s fun and easy for an advanced-beginner. It’s probably faster if you use Worsted weight, but IMHO the DK weight is better in scale and proportion.

You will need to know basics such as cast on, bind off, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, simple decrease (k2tog), some experience with DPNs, and make a pom-pom. The end result is a super-cute knitted hat!

Have fun and let me know how it turns out! ^__^

March 1, 2012

Settling in

The dollies are out too... Still have 12 more boxed. Need to make more shelf space

Phew, I finally got a chance to sit down and sort things out a bit. So most of you know that I've moved! Not far from where I was, just a little bigger house and now I have my very own office/craft/dolly room! Yippee!

We officially moved about a month ago and it took a while to put things in their rightful place, and that includes my room too. There are still a bunch of boxes in here and things are still in disarray, but I'm slowly getting them organized.