October 24, 2006

Image Thieves :(

It has come to my attention that many of my Blythe photos (which are COPYRIGHTED on Flickr) have been stolen without my permission and have been printed on handbags sold on Yahoo Japan for profit. This has happened to many others who spend a lot of money, time and effort to take good photos of their dolls, and it makes me extremely angry.

Whatever you do, PLEASE DON'T BUY THOSE BAGS! If you do, you are supporting thieves and illegal behavior.

Thank you.


lisa said...

i'm sorry to hear that happened to you that stinks! the photos, dolls and outfits on here are amazing! it has inspired me to make some blythe clothes - so i have printed out the patterns - wish me luck! and thanks for such a great site!

linda said...

thanks lisa :) have fun sewing!

Barbara aka:ardentcurse said...

omg! This is appaling!

Veronica said...

You should send try sending an email to Yahoo Japan letting them know that their user is selling items that are copyrighted. They should pull them down / suspend the users' account / their shop.

Anonymous said...

I have the similar experience, some company stolen my photos from my yahoo photo album without my permission and put all my blythe pictures on their company blog and marked their company trade mark on the pictures too!!!
I have sent email to this company, but they pretended they didn't know anything, and not admit they did that, and I was angry to death, so I can understand what your feeling. It's really bad feeling. but what can I do ???


LoveHina said...

They're spread all over the world - even in Israel
This is a site that recomends on everything that's cute and cool.