December 22, 2003

Christmas 2003

November 22, 2003


Emma has arrived!

She is a Kozy Kape that I adopted from Angie on TIB. I just adore her "little girl" look! She looks so different from her EBL sisters!

To celebrate her arrival, I got her an outfit from ElaineWong. We love the outfit, Elaine! It's just perfect for a Kozy! xoxo

October 15, 2003


Josie's here!

She's a Fruit Punch Blythe doll, also from Hong Kong. I love her hair style and color! That outfit's gotta go, though. So not my cuppa.

October 2, 2003


She's here!!!

My very first Blythe doll, Bella, a Tea for Two. I got her from eBay only about a week and a half ago. Boy is EMS shipping worth it, she came all the way from Hong Kong!

My cat saw her and ran out the room, LOL. I love her to bits!